Want to make your camera system even more flexible? Want to use you old lenses on digital? Canon FD on Sony? Leica M on Fuji FX?

Lens adapters can open your world to an array of alternatives—whether the glass you crave is bizarre, classic, or simply no longer made. These magic rings can make many lenses fit on cameras they weren’t made for. Here’s how to put adapters to work. 

Lens adapters allow you to use a variety of wonderful alternative lenses—including some truly exotic optics and some classics that are so exceptional that you may wonder why they aren’t still made. Although the lenses made for your camera may be great, having options is nice.

Click on the mount of your camerabody and we show you which lenses can be 'adapted'

  • L/M --> Sony NEX
    L/M --> Sony NEX
    € 16,95
  • C/Y --> Sony NEX
    C/Y --> Sony NEX
    € 16,95
  • Pentax K --> Sony NEX
    Pentax K --> Sony NEX
    € 16,95
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