Adapters for Samsung NX mount cameras

The Samsung NX-mount is the lens mount used on NX series mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras by Samsung. The mount was first implemented in the Samsung NX10, and Samsung initially referred to the NX line as 'hybrid digital cameras', citing their combination of attributes of both DSLR and compact cameras.

With an diameter of 42mm the lens mount has a comparatively large flange focal distance of 25.5 mm.

The Samsung cameras with NX mount are: NX1, NX5, NX10, NX11, NX20, NX30, NX100, NX200, NX210, NX300, NX300M, NX500, NX1000, NX1100, NX2000, NX3000, NX3300, NXmini, Galaxy NX   

  • Nikon AI -> NX
    Nikon AI -> NX
    € 16,95
  • Canon FD -> NX
    Canon FD -> NX
    € 16,95
  • Canon EOS -> NX
    Canon EOS -> NX
    € 16,95
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